Cutting-Edge Construction with Old-World Style

It’s not surprising that long-time New Jersey resident, Frank Lombardi, pays attention to old-world details and craftsmanship. He was born and raised in Moiano, Italy, and developed an appreciation at an early age for the stone buildings that surrounded him in the historic Campania region. So, when Frank ventured to the United States in 1977, he took with him an interest in masonry and a desire to make a career of it. At the age of 22, Frank started Eurotech Contracting Co. with just one pickup truck and a whole lot of technical skill. Great discipline, quality products and exceptional customer care gave way to referrals. Very small jobs became small jobs, which slowly led, by word of mouth, to slightly larger jobs.

Within a few years, Lombardi’s reputation had become so well known in the contracting community that some of the most visible and sought-after projects in the area were awarded to his now family-owned and operated business. Twenty-five years later, one pickup truck has turned into four, and heavy core machinery has followed. From pavers, stone, blocks, curbs and concrete retaining walls to driveways, pool patios, demolition site work and drainage, we do a little bit of everything when it comes to construction.

Like those old-world craftsmen, we take pride in everything we do. It’s in our products, our design and our workmanship. We bring true artisan style to the work while using state-of-the-art technology. And we get our hands dirty too. Every day, we’re in the field, on the job ensuring every aspect is up to our high standards. It’s deep pride in our work and a commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectations that drives us. And in all the years since our founding, the same values of hard work, honest dealing and customer care that motivated Frank Lombardi still drive us as well. It’s about doing things the right way. The proper way. The only way.